The Hype around HHC

What's going on?

In the summer of 2022, something new came into the Cannabis market and everyone suddenly became crazy about it. It's not new, it was successfully synthesized over 75 years ago. The cool thing is, the effects from HHC are very close to the effects of THC - but HHC is legal! In simple words, you can get, to some level high, without having to go into a dodgy street or underground bar and buy weed from your supplier. 

However, in the above paragraph, one keyword is synthesizedWhat does this mean? It means, that something has been made, by combining multiple other things. To give you an example: Heroin is a drug that has also been synthesized or Aspirin is also a drug that has also been synthesized (both, over 100 years ago).

Let's get to the point - HHC is not a natural product, it does not come directly from the plant. It is completely man-made. Normally, to get HHC, parts of the plants are taken, such as Delta-8, Delta-9, and some CBD, and then scientists can change the molecular structure back up through the chain block to some sort of a precursor. Such precursor can also be HHC

HHC is very strong and potent, so during the manufacturing process, scientists/companies have to find the right "sweet spot" to make a product that will relax you and make you happy. In other words, a lot of chemistry going on.

Why HHC is cheaper than CBD?

Because of the fact that HHC is present in very low amounts in the hemp plant, direct extraction will be economically disadvantageous so scientists have to produce it chemically. Such production is normally cheaper. Analogy: it will cost you more to squeeze oranges and make a glass of orange juice vs. buying an "orange juice" from your local supermarket.

Shall I use CBD or HHC products?

That is really up to you.If you are trying to help yourself and address certain health problems, the best is to consult your doctor. 

The user groups of CBD and HHC products are different:

  • CBD - CBD is still used by people who seek relief for their health problems. People with back pain, muscle pain and recoveries, serious illnesses, or people who want to address certain disorders like insomnia, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • HHC - HHC is used among teenagers and young people because it can make you high (not as much as THC, but at least HHC is still legal). Among the youngsters, "it is cool to smoke weed".

Use a rule of thumb: If you plan to do anything and you would normally not even think of using THC, don't take HHC. This can be: driving a car, taking other medications, cooking (you would be surprised by the number of fire accidents caused by people, after smoking weed), respond to work emails.

Having a choice is great - just make the right one!

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